Mornings are reserved for talks with filmmakers in the pleasant atmosphere of the only indoor festival cinema, House of Art Arsen. That is when our audiences get to meet the festival guests — authors and producers of films in competition, but also the film competition jury. These Artist Q&A’s, moderated by Miljana Dragičević, have long been a beloved item on the Supertoon festival side dish menu.


Tuesday 23. 7., 10.00:

Žarko, you will spoil the child! (GRANDTOON)
Veljko Popović, director

Little hot water bottle (STUDENTOON)
Nicole Sofía Perren, director of photography

Laika, Brave Dog (PLANKTOON)
Francesco Catarinolo, director

Febe Van Avermaet, director

Upside Down (PLANKTOON)
Dace Riduze, director

The Treehouse (PLANKTOON)
Maria Luiza Khouri, director

Flower of mine (SUPERTUNE)
Viola Mancini, director

Wednesday 24. 7., 10.00:

Herve’s case (STUDENTOON)
Lunna Filipini, director

Giu and Giuali (PLANKTOON)
Michela Anedda, director

The Odd Carrot (PLANKTOON)
Inese Pavene, director

Crazy Moments (SUPERTUNE)
Elisa Bonandin, director

The Stranger’s Shoes (STUDENTOON)
Pauline Chrétien, director

Three birds (GRANDTOON)
Zarja Menart, director

Thursday 25. 7., 10.00:

Illusion (SUPERTUNE)
Jin Woo, director

Camille Le Marcis, director

Yiwei Chen, director

Be crazy (SUPERTUNE)
Aleksa Gajić, director

Thelma Michalet, director

Short circuit (STUDENTOON)
Paul Tran Cong, director

The adventures of skinny legs (PLANKTOON)
Temis Roman, producer

Friday 26. 7., 10.00:

Butterfly (GRANDTOON)
Sunčana Brkulj, director

Nikolina Žabčić, director

Behind the door (STUDENTOON)
Jiyoung Yoon, director

Anna Benner, director



Miljana Dragičević is a creative producer. Her goal is to produce high-quality animated content with meaning, stories made by heart. As well as to aid and promote young Croatian and international talent by encouraging co-productions and collaborations with European partners. Miljana founded an independent production company, MINYA FILM AND ANIMATION, in 2017.
She regularly attends major animation festivals, forums and markets and has a strong network of authors and producers. She co-founded the Zagreb-based Studio RECIRCLE in 2008, focused on creating positive children’s content.