The evening round of Q&A’s will see conversations with Supertoon guests from the field of comic art who are participating in the Supertoon comics competitons. Moderators Lana Brčić and Goran Pavlov will talk to the jury members in addition to 15 artists and editors over the course of three evening, providing context for their work which will be displayed at the group show in St. Krševan Gallery and the comic book fair at Đardin.

Tuesday 19. 7., 19.00:

“The Comic Comics”— comic books competition

Ivan Marušić (Rexy),

Krešimir Biuk (Ljubav, zabit, rasvjeta / Love, Wilderness, Illumination)

“The Poets” — comic books competition

Agata Lučić (Zaboravljene stvari / Forgotten Things),

Irena Jukić Pranjić (Dnevnik snivanja i filozofiranja / A Diary of Dreaming and Philosophizing),

Ivan Svaguša (Ritual 1)

Wednesday 20. 7., 19.00:

“The Young Guns” — comic fanzines competition

Apolonija Lučić (Ups and Downs),

Jovana Ćubović (Kobrovača 2),

Andrej Julher (Kovitlac / Swirl),

Marin Remić (Spor i umoran / Slow & Tired

“The OGs” — comic fanzines competition

Dušan Gačić (Flit),

Vinko Barić (Majdanska garaža 3 /The Majdan Garage 3)

“The Editors” — comic magazines competition

Jan Škrinjar (Godišnjak hrvatskoga stripa 2022 / Croatian Comics Yearbook 2022),

Saša Paprić (Strip-Prefiks 2),

Matija Pisačić (Ohoho zin 4)

Thursday 21. 7., 19.00:

“The Jurors” – Comic Competitions Jury Members


Štef Bartolić,

Vladimir Lukaš


Lana Brčić studied English and Italian language and literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb and obtained additional education in drama studies, performing arts, screenwriting, filmmaking and film marketing. In the past 15 years she has worked as language teacher, translator, interpreter, copywriter, and cultural worker: organizer, programmer, curator, producer, and PR and social media manager at organizations such as Nu:Write Theatre Festival, Crtani romani šou – Zagreb Comic Con and Supertoon festival. She has written short plays, screenplays and librettos, and contributed reviews and essays on music, TV and film to various media outlets. As script doctor, she has worked on the animated short The Unusual Bath of Mr Otmar by Niko Radas (2019), and as expert associate for terminology on the first Croatian screenwriting handbook Napiši scenarij! (Write a screenplay!) by Jasmina Kallay (Croatian Film Association, 2015). She has translated into Croatian graphic novels by Zerocalcare, Milo Manara and Vittorio Giardino, as well as the Spider-Man comic series Miles Morales and The Amazing Spider-Man. In the past two years she has been working as coordinator of Kinoklub Zagreb’s Film School workshop, a TV writer and TV editor.


Goran Pavlov (BA in Croatian language and literature and comparative literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb) is a copy editor by vocation and a legend by character. He writes about music and other pop-culture phenomena for Ruralna gorila, which he co-founded, and he used to do the same for the now-defunct Potlista. He is a comics buff who has had the good fortune to be able to copy edit comic books for publishers such as CRŠ and Fibra.