Strip-mobili are an innovation that combines comics, animation and the experiences of optical and mechanical toys. Irena Jukić Pranjić designed this innovative form twenty years ago when she made the first prototypes. During 2022, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the Association of Croatian Author Comics and the company Digital Realty, she managed to fully develop the concept and realize the comic mobile as a complex and complete work of art. The comic-mobiles she created are placed in ten comic panels measuring 100×70 cm and form a whole under the title Circus in a circus. The plot of the comic is set in a circus, because its aesthetics correspond to mechanical toys whose numerous acrobatics are repeated over and over again, so they can be shown with mechanical movement. When writing the script, a special effort was made to fit the mechanical movements into the plot of the comic. Therefore, the best domestic authors of gag comics were involved in the creation of the scenario: Dubravko Mataković, Filip Kelava, Dario Kukić and Matija Pisačić. They, together with the author, developed the script idea into a witty detective story whose protagonists are also circus performers. The design of the movement is signed by Dubravko Kuhta.


IRENA JUKIĆ PRANJIĆ (1973, Bjelovar) is professionally engaged in comics, animated film, illustration and pedagogical work. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has received numerous awards for her artistic work, especially in the field of animated films, where she has so far achieved the titles Ornament of the Soul (2011), Lust (2014), Gamer Girl (2016) and Real Boy (2021). She is also involved in promoting comics: she edited the anthology Women’s Comics in the Balkans (2010), the comic magazines Skola hodanja and Hodači na duge staze (ALU 2016–2023), she is the editor and director of all 50 episodes of the documentary television series Comic in Croatia (HRT3 2014/2017) and the author of numerous essays on comics, which she teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She published a number of original comics in various magazines and in the form of the comic book Antidote (1997-2003), the comic album Emisija emocija (2015) and the comic book Diary of Dreaming and Philosophizing (2021).

GALLERY MATIJA, studio of the st.Krševan gallery

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