Shcha7sec is the International nomadic micro-festival of animation films up to 7 seconds.

The festival was founded in 2019. It usually, takes place two or three times per year in collaboration with other cool festivals, forming with them somewhat symbiotic units.

The whole festival with the opening and closing ceremony takes around one hour. There is no selection. No censorship. No hierarchy. Films can be made either by professionals or amateurs using any technic. There is no official jury, but everyone with a prize is a jury! Bring your prize to the screening and become a jury! An award could be everything, such as a self-made statuette, money or a glass of beer.

The deadline for the 11th edition of the Shcha7sec is 18 July 2024.

The list of participants will be published on 20 July 2024 on the festival web and social media.

Shcha7sec will be held in Đardin Park on Wednesday 24.7. starting at 20:00

If you want to register for this festival, you can use the link to entry form:

or QR-code that takes you to festival website, where the list of participants will be published.


 Inst: @shcha7sec