Just like each year, other than comics and films screening in competition categories the Supertoon International Animation and Comics Festival will also offer a multitude of very interesting side programs.

In five festival days at three outdoor locations, but also in other public city spaces – in accordance with Šibenik’s slogan “The city is a stage” – Supertoon 14 will include animation workshops, comic artist Q&A’s, animator Q&A’s, prezentations, exhibitions, a TV box program and a comic book fair.

STRIP-MOBILI, the exhibition by Irene Jukić Pranjić will present an innovation that combines comics, animation and the experiences of optical and mechanical toys.

This year we have the honor and opportunity to host Shcha7sec. Shcha7sec is the International nomadic micro-festival of animation films up to 7 seconds.

The animation workshop PLANKTOON pays special attention to the education – that is, the work, teaching and socializing – of children. This segment of the program will give them the opportunity to become familiar with the process of creating both animated films and comics, and learn the basic principles of drawing and animation, camera handling and editing, while using their creativity to tell their own stories and make their own short animated films or comics.

The VJ workshop for students offers a unique opportunity to get to know the world of VJ-ing. Under the mentorship of VJs and DJs, students will dive into the software for VJ performances, discovering how to transform static images, texts and animations themselves into live visuals that pulsate to the rhythm of the music.