ANIMATED RHYTHMVJ-ing workshop for students

Film and comics festivals fascinate us with moving images and stories told through a series of drawings. But what happens when animation is combined with the energy of a musical performance? The answer lies in the fascinating art of VJ-ing.

The VJ workshop for students offers a unique opportunity to get to know the world of VJ-ing. Under the mentorship of VJs and DJs, students will dive into the software for VJ performances, discovering how to transform static images, texts and animations themselves into live visuals that pulsate to the rhythm of the music.

From the basics to the festival scene: The workshop will cover the key points for a successful VJ. Students will learn the basics of software used to manipulate visual material, developing a sense of image and sound synchronization. Mentor Antonija Veljačić will reveal to them valuable sources of material, from static images to animated segments, and also how you can make and adapt them yourself for a dynamic VJ performance. But the real magic happens through creative experimentation and entering the world of rhythm and melody with mentor DJ D-Gree. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own unique style, exploring the possibilities of combining different visual elements and how they affect the atmosphere of the performance.

More than a workshop: This is more than a standard workshop. It is an opportunity for students to become active participants in the animated film festival, crossing the boundaries between watching and creating. Previous experience in Vjing is not required, but computer literacy is necessary, and of course enthusiasm and desire for games with light and sound.

How to register: the festival will provide the participant with accommodation and food for the duration of the workshop from 22.7. until 27.7.2024. in Šibenik during the Supertoon festival. Interested students can apply to with a short biography. The number of places is limited, so register on time and be part of this creative explosion in a magical combination of animation and music!

All those interested can apply by email at until July 1st, 2024.


Antonija Veljačić graduated in Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has been a member of the Croatian Association of Independent Artists – animator since 2018. She works as an animator and set designer on animated and feature films and in the theater. She is involved in VJ-ing in collaboration with visual and musical artists and runs various workshops and online schools for animation (Zagreb film, Prozor u TV). She is an assistant in the courses Animation, Introduction to New Media II, New Media B and New Media D at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.






Leo Hekman a.k.a. DJ D-Gree is an experienced club DJ, music editor and sound producer of a radio program who will introduce you to the basics of using sounds and rhythms as an indispensable part of visual expression.