Presentation of the animated project Nonbeing by Zharko Ivanov

The presentation will provide an analysis of translation, transcription and adaptation of four poems by the Macedonian poet Aco Shopov in four short animated films by the contemporary authors Zharko Ivanov, Krste Gospodinovski, Vladimir Lukash and Ivan Ivanovski. Their interest is not in the literal presentation of the poems, but in developing a reconstructed rhythmical, temporal audio-visual product that connects the viewer to the poems and the language of poetry.


Tuesday 19. 7., 10.00


Zharko Ivanov (1976) is a languages and literature graduate from the Philology Faculty in Skopje. In 2006 he attended the Film Art College in Sofia, Bulgaria, after which he received an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Skopje and an MA in Animated Film Directing from the University of Audiovisual Arts. He is working towards a PhD in literature and film. He is the founder of the production company “Flip Book” with which he has produced more than 20 short animated, documentary and live action films. As a director, he has made films that were shown at more than 100 festivals around the world and won over 15 awards.