A group exhibition of works by independent comic artists, “Back to the Future” presents representative works by comic book authors and collectives from the region. The show will attempt to map the almost invisible but firm collaborative and production ties between informal groups of artists, individuals and art collectives. With a plethora of original material, video art and artist appearances, this exhibition will offer more than just a glimpse into what is going on in the neighborhood when it comes to comics by authors-artists.

Come and show your support for “the scene”.



An exhibition of work by this year’s Supertune and Supercomm jury member, animator and director  Katrin Novaković, “Right Now” will present the props and items from the author’s stop motion video for the song „Right now“ by ABOP, giving audiences a glimpse into the atmosphere and the behind-the-scenes work on a film set.

Katrin Novaković is a graduate of the Academy of Arts in Split, the Department of Film and Video, and has a Master’s in Animated Film and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She did her internship at the Trikk17 animation studio in Hamburg, Germany. Her student films, distributed by Bonobo studio and Zagreb film, have won her several awards. She worked at the 3D2D Animators studio and occasionally for Croatian Radio and Television (HRT). She has shown her work at several solo and group exhibitions. In 2018 she was a member of the jury at the European Festival of Animated Film Balkans in Belgrade and selector of the student film competition for Animafest 2020. At the Baltic trail residency in Latvia as part of the EU project Future DiverCities, she began to work as a visual performance artist. She currently makes music videos and other forms of commissioned films in the stop motion animation technique.

Stop motion is a technique whereby animators move immobile objects little by little and take photos of each position. When sequenced one after another, the illusion of movement is achieved because of how slow the human eye is. By combining and overlapping video footage of a dancer with shots of animated objects “come to life”, Katrin created a relationship between time, space and movement, focusing on the question of human perception and our awareness of it.

Right now and live, at Azimut Club, every day during Supertoon festival.