Supertoon’s animated film workshop for children is intended for children over 9 and will provide them with opportunity to get acquainted with the medium of animated film and learn the basic principles of animation. Participants will develop their own short animated films with group and individual consultations with the tutors, and learn basic techniques of stop motion as well as camera manipulation.

This year at the Planktoon children’s animation workshop we are going to tackle stop animation technique in the open. The workshop will take place outdoors, and every rock, plant and stone wall will become a part of our film set. We will try out different techniques such as object animation and pixelization, whereby humans are turned into cartoon characters – and in a world like this, everything’s possible! The shooting process will involve the workshop participants learning the basics of animation and camera manipulation. Our goal is to shoot a short film and have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

Also, some of the participants of the workshop will be members of this year’s jury and will choose the best film in the Planktoon international competition of short animated films for children.

The workshop will be facilitated by Martin Babić, an up-and-coming animator whose film was part of Supertoon 2019 Official Selection in the category of animated films for children, and Dorotea Radušić, animation student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.