Working on the set is a creative and laborious process which is mostly done in confined spaces. When deadlines and unpredictable difficulties interfere, it sometimes seems everything is against that animation film. What really happens behind the scenes and what little tricks help animators to deal with situations that apparently seem impossible to resolve? This programme , which you can see as a part of the side programme of the festival, will give you the answers to some of these questions. And, of course, not to forget, you will get the opportunity to observe what is going on behind the scenes.


Glass Onion – The Beatles

Jock Alasdair – 1:00

Saba – Samantha & Sabrina

Marie Larrivé, Lucas Malbrun – 2:24

Hit Radio Tune – The Academics

Lan Ynon – 1:10

Cadaver Synod – The Arch

Peter Serruys – 0:30

Right Now – ABOP

Katrin Novaković – 4:49

TU – Tulipa Ruiz

Bruno Mazzilli, Filipe Franco, Thany Sanches – 2:05

Yellow Rose – Sophie Koh          

Xin Li – 1:17

Back to the Stars – The Ritz-Carlton       

Le Cube – 1:01

Lynx & Birds – Blue Zoo’s           

Blue Zoo – 8:26