July 20th marked the 101st anniversary of the first animated documentary ever made, a film by Winsor McCay called „The Sinking of the Lusitania“ screened at Slamdance Film Festival. Ever since, animation has been an invaluable tool for authors who have used it to depict realities that sometimes cannot be caught on camera, creating realistic, convincing and emotional images at the same time. Historical events never recorded, too delicate to capture on film, subjects that require preservation of anonymity; stories that, if not for animation, might have never been told. Animated documentary filmmakers today face the same challenges as those 101 years ago: how to bring authenticity, truth and facts to the screen. And, since animation is a medium entirely constructed at the hands of animators, films of this kind require a special dose of consideration. In two screenings, you’ll see seven stories of migrations, of loss, of exploitation, of prejudice – and, ultimately, of acceptance, of identity found and embraced, of perseverance, of hope – of love.




Oneself story   

Charpentier Géraldine – 4:52

Worth Every Penny      

Ricardo Werdesheim – 13:42

To Let the Body Grow  

Andrea Gudiño – 4:18

For A Better Life            

Yasmin Mistry – 9:32




Bear With Me  

Daphna Awadish – 4:46

Makun (do not cry)      

Emilio Martí – 30:00

Saigon sur Marne          

Aude Ha Leplège – 14:12