Catalogue 2018


DUNJA JANKOVIĆ is an artist whose interdisciplinary work includes intuitive collaging, immersive installations, comics as abstract narration, interdisciplinary experiments and screen printing. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Croatia) and the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists (HDLU) in Zagreb and Rijeka, and Croatian Association of Independent Artists (HZSU). Her work has been published in numerous magazines and exhibited worldwide. Dunja is the founder and organizer of the ŠKVER art project ( in Mali Lošinj, Croatia, one of the organizers of international comics festival THE PROJECTS (Portland, Oregon) and lecturer at Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland. Since 2014, she has been heading a screen printing studio and atelier at Lošinj island located inside an old canned sardines factory, as well as a screen printing production called POLA POLA.

EVA CVIJANOVIĆ is a filmmaker and animator based in Montreal who is compelled by the storytelling potential of environments and character. Eva often works with materials such as felted wool, watercolors and pastels, while being fluent in digital media. Her most notable venture was directing the NFB-Bonobostudio stop motion short Hedgehog’s Home, which distinguished itself internationally, screening at over 80 festivals and winning over 30 prizes. She is currently expanding horizons with the Montreal animation collective Astroplastique.

JONI MÄNNISTÖ is a filmmaker and animator born in 1981 in Finland. After graduating from the animation department of the Turku Arts Academy in 2011, he became an active member of several Finnish animation collectives that work on both commercial and artistic projects. The collective work includes animated films as well as art installations for exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Tallinn as a freelance artist. In addition to film making, Mannisto has worked as a visiting teacher at the Turku Arts Academy and is a co-founder and artistic director of Turku Animated Film Festival.

LUKA VUCIĆ was born and raised in Croatia. After finishing High school for applied arts and design in Zagreb, went on to study design in Zagreb. After graduating from University, he worked in an advertising agency for a few years. Luka then began freelancing, which he still does. Now he’s got his toes in illustration, guerilla art, music, acting, set design, film, industrial design and stop motion.

ANTE FILIPOVIĆ GRČIĆ was born in 1969 in Split. Graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb, majoring in Textile and Clothing Design. He has been a graphic designer from 1997 to 2003 and from 2010 to present, which led to opening his own design studio, 2FG. He is a member of the Croatian Designers’ Association and collaborates with various cultural and other public institutions, mostly in Sibenik, where he lives. He is the author of many noted visual identities and posters, some of which have been included in major world exhibitions and catalogs. He has been hired several times to curate exhibitions as part of the FALIŠ festival program. He was in charge of graphic design of many exhibitions, most notably that of the Museum of the City of Šibenik permanent collection.

VUK JEVREMOVIC was born 1959 in Frankfurt on Main (Germany), but his spent his childhood in ex Jugoslavia. Following the family tradition, he studied Architecture at The Technical University Belgrade and graduated in 1984. After spending some time in the navy as a diver, he decided to dedicate his life to art: painting and drawing. He started exhibiting in 1986 and during the following years he was considered as a promising young artist in former Yugoslavia. He decided to move to Munich in 1991 where he studied at the academy of Fine Arts with professor Gerhard Berger. Later, he graduated as master student with professor Joseph Kosuth, 2002. His inclusion into the animation world was due to a casual encounter with one renowned animator, Nedeljko Dragic, from Zagreb. He joined the animation course Dragic was giving and felt in love forever with the moving images. His first animation was based on a cheetah in motion, The Wind Subsides. That first film was shown all over the world, and it won 2 Grand Prix and 17 Awards. The next film, inspired by a R.M.Rilke’s poem, Panther, was also successful. It won 15 international awards and came into final balloting for the Oscar award (1998) as best animation short. Since then, his life has been linked to animation and he has continued to create short films: Diary (2000)Oscar qualified, Faces (2002), Quercus, (2003), The Wheel Turns (2005) , Close Your Eyes and Do Not Breathe (2006) ,Lux (2007)and Patience of the Memory (2009) Oscar qualified. Vuk  was a member of Festival-Jurys, like in Madrid (Spain), Jena, Regensburg, Dresden (Germany), Belgrad (Serbia) ,Krok (Russia) and Talinn (Estonia).

MARTIN BABIĆ who lives in Zagreb, his hometown, is an animator who also does a lot of other stuff. He attended the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, which was an unforgetable experience for him, and has a degree in Animation. Since graduation, he has made his debut with the film “Jure Grando – Štrigun iz Kringe” and participated in the production of several other films. He is currently finishing his second animated film “Balada o fruli i ogrlici” (The Balad of the Little Flute and the Necklace). He facilitates animated film workshops for children and youth in collaboration with a variety of organizations. Three participants of Martin’s workshop for children will make up the festival jury for the competition of animated films for children.



MUSICAL TRAUMAS / Miloš Tomić / Serbia / 2018 / 10:13

A multilayered celebration of failure, this film explores deep issues in a light and comical way. There’s playing, and there’s playing. This year’s short film winner is Musical Trauma’s by Miloš Tomić.


A TABLE GAME / Nicolás Petelski – Spain – 2017 – 03:53

A bouncy foreplay of disjointed events reveals a surprising system. The truth behind the game. There are many players, but the winner of this round is A Table Game.


HAPPY – MARK LOTTERMAN / Alice Saey / France, Netherland / 2017 / 6:35

Alice brought the song to life with simplicity and a dynamic animation that draws the viewer into its dance of colors and composition.


PARKING ATTENDANT – TALL JUAN / Dante Zaballa / Germany, Argentina / 2017 / 1:49

Dante combined different techniques and dynamics to liven up the screen with his childlike animation style and transmit the freedom and joyful emotion of the song onto the viewer-listener.


ABSOLUTE VOLGA – KROK FESTIVAL / Jaimeen Desai / India / 2017 / 00:45

The jury decided on this film because it encapsulated the vision and soul of this madness that is the Krok festival.



OUR WONDERFUL NATURE – THE COMMON CHAMELEON / Tomer Eshed – Germany – 2016 – 03:32

On a jungle branch lies and crawls a hungry chameleon. His hungry eyes, bigger than his butt, is what cost him his branch, and perhaps his life, too. The story of a chameleon’s greed was clear in its structure and intent, and talked about something we could all identify with.