The Supervision animation workshop is meant for animation students but also for any animator interested in experimenting, trying something new, something a bit wild and outrageous, and having fun doing it.

During the three workshop days, Tue 23rd, Wed 24th and Thu 25th July, from 9.30 am till 11.30 am, at Matija Gallery in Sibenik (festival Hospitality Center) 3 workshop modules will take place. You can participate in all three, any two of them or just one. Apply by sending an email to There is no participation fee. Join us!

Module 1 – “Animation commandos” (Tue 23rd)
– the process of creating illusions in the form of hand-drawn film, but in impossible psycho-physical conditions
A workshop that uses “drawing-games without borders” to try and turn many everyday obstacles into challenges. The obstacles become sources of inspiration and provoke new drawing methods, creating, in a sense, new artistic values.

Module 2 – “Attack and Defense Stop-Trick Techniques” (Wed 24th)
– providing participants, even if they are complete beginners, with skills to confidently use this type of animation
From getting to know the basics and specificities of stop trick technique, to the creative process of coming up with film ideas, to shooting, editing and creating foley and music, we’ll divide into several groups (of 5 participants) and make a few stop trick films each.

Module 3 – “Trick animation” (Thu 25th)
– an attempt (a fun one but destined to fail) to use strictly video means to create the impossible-to-achieve effects of frame-by-frame animation.
All the things stop-trick animation can accomplish in shooting frame by frame: the impossible movement, metamorphoses, defying laws of physics etc., we are going to try and do live. Shot by shot – trying to create the same effect animation can do with ease, trying to mask all the mechanisms of tricks (i.e., by having assistants who are doing the tricks move very fast, camouflaging them by putting them in clothes similar to the background, using strings and threads…), using different mechanical aids that we can find or make ourselves.

Workshop facilitator is animator Miloš Tomić, winner of the Grandtoon competition at Supertoon 2018 with his animated short “Musical Traumas”.

Miloš Tomić was born in Belgrade in 1976. At the end of elementary school he started doodling, coloring, collecting objects from the street, photographing and playing music. In high school, he attended the “Kvadrat” film school run by Zoran and Svetlana Popović. From 1993 to 2002 he was a contributor to the “Beautiful Rhythm of the Heart” radio show. In 2001, he graduated from the Academy of Arts as a directing major, in the class of Miša Radivojević. He finished graduate studies in animation at Famu, Prague, in the class of Petar Skala, taking part in student exchanges in Madrid and Berlin. His Ph.D. thesis dealt with the preciousness of discarded objects, i.e. trash as source material for film and photography. Miloš lives in Belgrade again, since 2009, as a family man, taking not very frequent, planned trips. He teaches short video forms at Singidunum University