The evening round of Q&A’s will see conversations with Supertoon guests from the field of comic art who are participating in the Supertoon comics competitons. Moderator Matko Vladanović will talk to the jury members in addition to 19 artists and editors over the course of three evening, providing context for their work which will be displayed at the group show in St. Krševan Gallery and the comic book fair at Đardin.


Wednesday 26. 7., 21.00:

Dješka Marko / 24-hour stories by Marko Dješka

Biuk Krešimir / Cosmic Waste

Andrej Štular / Sharp Rhythms

Gačić Dušan / Trilogy – from timeless to untimely

Rusan Klara / Where do people go after they die?

Bobanović Faver Toni, Vinko Barić / Lavanderman: Prison

Schunk Davor / Striptokok2

Thursday 27. 7., 21.00:

Matija Pisačić / Irrationalist

Jurica Škofač / Migration – Hommge Dragutinu Trumbetašu

Marko Dješka / OHOHOzin

Irena Pranjić / School of Walkiln

Saša Paprić / Strip-PREFIKS #3

Lučić Agata / An Apple

Mossoczy Sonia / Blue Boy

Ilić Jovan / Kobrovača and Mitsko Biće Make a Fanzine



Matko Vladanović studied Croatian language and literature, and Philosophy at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Since 2005. he has been writing about literature, comics, and science fiction online, and in print, wherever he could find an understanding editor. Some of his comics-focused writing has been collected in a book Izdevetane domaćice: kritički ogledi o hrvatskom stripu (Mentor, 2013.). For five years (2012. – 2017.) he has been an editor and a host of a series of comics-oriented panels at Booksa, literature club/bar in Zagreb, and has also dabbled in TV-script writing for a documentary series about comics (Strip u Hrvatskoj, UO Anima produkcija za HRT). Some time back he switched to IT, and is currently working with Bay Area startups (no, not with Elon) on procurement, growth, data, AI, and similar buzzwords. He still reads comics and follows Twitter gossip about comics authors. Occasionally writes a line or two about them.