MARTINA MEŠTROVIĆ. Born in 1974, she graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1998. She has exhibited her work in several solo and group shows. In 2004, she joined the art collective Kreativni sindikat, working as a 2D and 3D set designer, animator and director. She lives and works in Zagreb. Her animated films include A Cat Is Always Female (2019), Peter’s Forest (2016), and Bla (2013).






BRUNO RAZUM. Born in Zagreb in 1975, he has studied multimedia under Ladislav Galeta at the Art Education department of the Academy of Fine Arts. He works in animation and computer graphics for commercial and authorial projects. In 2014 he made a short stop motion puppet animation called Nikola Tesla’s Secret Laboratory which was shown at more than 60 festivals, and his new film Jelenko is in post-production.






TAMÁS PATROVITS. Festival director, animation director, producer, graphic artist, and art teacher. He graduated from the Faculty of Animation and Video at the Academy of Arts and Crafts, Budapest in 1994. During his career, Tamás made animation shorts, television series and commercials, drawn- and 2D computer animations. He teaches animation and creative design thinking. He has been a board member of ASIFA since 2005, and of MÚOSZ – National Association of Hungarian Journalists since 2014. He was the head of the Faculty of Animation at the Illyés Academy of Arts from 2009 to 2019. In 2012, together with Anna Ida Orosz, he founded the Primanima World Festival of First Animations, and has served as its creative director and executive producer ever since. He facilitates animation workshops regularly in Hungary and abroad (Filmtett workshop, LifeAd, Katowice (Poland), Nicosia (Ciprus), Peja (Kosovo), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New York (USA), Magyar Ház, etc). He is the founder and creative director of the Budaörs Animation House and Creative Space located near Budapest, which is a unique and charming cultural place dedicated to the art of animation.




KATRIN NOVAKOVIĆ. Born in 1989 in Stuttgart, she graduated from the Academy of Arts in Split, the Department of Film and Video, and obtained a Master’s degree in Animated Film and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She did her internship at the Trikk17 animation studio in Hamburg, Germany. Her student films, distributed by Bonobo studio and Zagreb film, have won her several awards. She worked at the 3D2D Animators studio and occasionally for Croatian Radio and Television (HRT). She has shown her work at several solo and group exhibitions. In 2018 she was a member of the jury at the European Festival of Animated Film Balkans in Belgrade and selector of the student film competition for Animafest 2020. At the Baltic trail residency in Latvia as part of the EU project Future DiverCities, she began to work as a visual performance artist. She currently makes music videos and other forms of commissioned films in the stop motion animation technique.


IGOR HOFBAUER. Born in 1974, he is a Zagreb-based artist who started his career in the mid-1990s, creating posters for the local music scene. This led to his most notable long-term collaboration, the one with the popular underground club Močvara. Creating Močvara’s visual identity for almost 15 years gave him the chance to work with a network of regional and ex-Yugoslav clubs and bands. In the meantime, he became an illustrator and comic book artist, which he still is. He has published several comic books, including Mr Morgen (L’Association, 2016).





BRUNO TOLIĆ. Animator, printer, illustrator and artist from Zagreb who has been living and working in Belgrade since 2010. He is one of the founders of the Novo Doba festival in Belgrade, started in 2010. Bruno is one of the core members of the autonomous cultural center Matrijaršija in Belgrade that has existed since 2015 and functions as a creative and production hub for all sorts of arts and artists, a print studio, as well as a platform for presentation of art that hosts shows and events but also presents local artists internationally. Under the pen name Bernharda Xilko, he has published posters, drawings and comics in various anthologies and publications. He has published many screen printed books, prints and posters. His notable publications include Plazma, edited by Le Dernier Cri in France, and the book Penis Tutorial. He has exhibited, under the same pen name, in many group shows and several solo shows both in the region and internationally. He has recently participated in the international anthology film Mondo DC with an animated segment, compiled by Pakito Bolino of Le Dernier Cri. He has worked on many short promotional animation projects as well as music videos.






DOROTEA RADUŠIĆ was born in 1995 in Zagreb. After graduating from high school and music school, she enrolled into the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, department of Animated film and new media. She facilitated many stop animation children’s workshops – at the Tobogan festival in Rijeka, Animafest, Frooom and Center for Culture Trešnjevka, as well as Supertoon International Animation Festival. She likes summer, the sea, ice cream and festivals.






MARTIN BABIĆ, who lives in Zagreb, his hometown, is an animator who also does a lot of other stuff. He attended the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, which was an unforgetable experience for him, and has a degree in Animation. Since graduation, he has made his debut with the film “Jure Grando – Štrigun iz Kringe” and participated in the production of several other films. His second animated short is “Balada o fruli i ogrlici” (The Balad of the Flute and the Necklace, 2019). He facilitates animated film workshops for children and youth in collaboration with a variety of organizations and is a frequent collaborator of Supertoon festival.