ALEXIS HUNOT. For Alexis Hunot, first there was Cinema. A real passion. But then when he discovered that during all his studies people have been hiding from him this incredible part of cinema called animation, he knew he had to talk about it. So first he became a journalist (news, but also reviews and interviews with animation greats), then he created his own website (Zewebanim) and then began to host a monthly radio show, Bulles de rêves, on Radio Libertaire (an anarchist radio in France). Like a ronin, his goal was to speak of animation wherever he could. He also began to work in animation schools, speak at conferences around the world (Japan, Egypt, Moldavia …), cooperate with festivals (Ficam in Morocco, Animafest, Annecy…) and serve as an expert associate at several French institutions (CNC, the César awards etc.). For the past few years he has served as the artistic director of PIAFF, an animation festival in Paris.

ŽARKO IVANOV (1976) is a languages and literature graduate from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. In 2006 he enrolled in the Film Art College in Sofia, Bulgaria, after which he obtained an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Skopje and an MA in Animated Film Directing from the University of Audiovisual Arts, European Film Academy, ESRA Paris – Skopje. He is currently doing his Ph.D. in literature and film. He is the founder of the production company Flip Book with which he has produced more than 20 short animated, documentary and live action films. The films he made as a director have been shown at more than 100 festivals around the world and won more than 15 awards.

LUCIJA BUŽANČIĆ (born in Split, 1989) is an animator, illustrator and art historian. In 2014 she graduated in Art History from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and in 2017 from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts’ Department of Animated film and New Media with the short animated film The Process, which took her to several international festivals and led to her inclusion in VAF New Talents (today CEE animation talents) in 2018. She is also the author of the animated shorts Iris (2020). She lives and works in Zagreb.

VALENTIN GREGOIRE, from Belgium, is the founding partner and creative producer at Squarefish. Since 2014 he has been a speaker and panelist at many conferences and forums about production and motion design. Squarefish, founded in 2011, is a dynamic, forward-thinking production company and animation studio based in Brussels and Paris, with a roster of clients including communication agencies, institutions and production companies both in Belgium and abroad. They specialize in audiovisual production and motion design in 2d and 3d for cinema, television, and social media, but also work in production (shorts, feature films or TV series), and as co-production partners or service providers.

MILIVOJ POPOVIĆ (MA in Sculpting) is a director and producer at Prime Render Studios situated in Split, Croatia. He has worked on short animated films which have received over 70 international awards, including the Oscar-qualifying Animated Eye Award at Aspen Shortfest in Colorado, USA, and the Jury Award at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France. He has co-directed and co-produced the first Croatian VR short film, Dislocation, that is currently doing the festival circuit – which included being in the official selections of this year’s Animafest and Annecy – and has won Best VR at Ottawa International Animation Festival.

VLADIMIR SOKAČIĆ was born in 1976 in Zagreb and lives in Betina on the island of Murter. He graduated in audio production and sound design at the SAE Institute in Ljubljana. For the last fifteen years he has been working on various projects, from sound at concerts (bands like Hladno pivo and sometimes Cinkuši and Picksiebneri) to composing music and sound design for animated films (A Story from the Beginning of Time and The Last Challenge by Božidar Trkulja, Zagreb Film). He also works in production and mastering (Evo vam Džinovski Live DVD and CD by Hladno pivo, Menart; Ljudi od slame by Renato Metessi i Zvijezde, Dallas Records). After moving to Betina, he opened Arty Farty production, an agency for the production of commissioned films and animation. In his spare time, he makes sandwiches and loves the Bologna sausage.

ANTONIJA VELJAČIĆ is an independent animator based in Croatia. She studied Animation and new media at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. Since 2014 she worked on various animation projects, mostly 2D and puppet animation. She also runs the „Little school of animation for children and adults“ at Zagreb film and does animation workshops all around Croatia.

KREŠIMIR ZIMONIĆ (1956), has published illustrations and comics in more than 50 newspapers and magazines continuously since the mid-1970s. Since 1979 he has been working professionally on animated film and since 1981 he has been a freelance artist. He is the author or producer of numerous animated films. In addition to eight of his own comic books, he has illustrated about twenty books, authored numerous posters, catalogs and texts on comics and animation, exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, was the editor-in-chief of the comic book magazine Patak and longtime artistic director of the Comic Book Salon in Vinkovci. He worked as an artistic producer of Zagreb Film, graphic editor and artistic director of Modra lasta, as a lecturer at the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and from 2007 to 2011 he was artistic director of the World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb. For his work he has received several awards in the country and abroad, including the Vladimir Nazor Award and the Order of the Croatian Danica with the figure of Marko Marulić for special merits in culture.

IGOR HOFBAUER, born in 1974, is a Zagreb-based artist. He started his career in the mid-1990s, creating posters for the local music scene, which led him to a collaboration with the then-popular underground club Mocvara. Establishing Mocvara’s visual identity for almost 15 years gave him the chance to work with a network of regional and ex-Yu clubs and bands. In the meantime, he became an illustrator and comic artist which he is still to this day. He has published several comic books, including Mr Morgen (L’association, 2016).

JURICA STAREŠINČIĆ is a comic author, film critic, and award-winning animator. He published comics in Komikaze, Q strip, and local publications; co-founded and edited the web comic magazine for five years; published essays in a wide range of local magazines and radio shows; served as an editor for the Croatian Film Journal, a leading regional film studies journal, etc. He also helped found and served as an educator on an international art workshop for children at the European school in Brussels



THE RAFT / director Marko Meštrović

For it’s energy, for it’s use of mix techniques in a beautiful and meaningful way The music is so intricate with the narration and makes us want to eat crazy mushroom and live the apocalyse in music. So let’s not drown, let’s not float, let’s rythmitcally swim with the sound of the raft because maybe we want


SPECIAL MENTION (decision by all jury members)

THE STROK / directors Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov

For it’s use of absurd and bizarre humour, yet in a subtle way. For its capacity to find a way to liberate ourselves from the routine of everyday life, because the rythm of the film plays so well with our expectations and go in another way …

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Lucija Bužančić)

ANNA, CAT-AND-MOUSE / director Varya Yakovleva

For extraordinary design and simplicity with which the topic of sexual aggression has been approach. The
film portrays a woman that is both hunter and the prey. The cat and mouse motive is familiar to us nevertheless leaves us overwhelmed by intense emotions.

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Žarko Ivanov)

THE LANDING / director Kaisa Pentilla

This film deals in a satiric way with the representation of the Other. The Other has hostile, violent, exotic and mysterious. The grotesque character design and the superb stop motion technique enhances the bizarre of the situation and make this film a unique experience.

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Alexis Hunot)

THE HANGMAN AT HOME / directors Michelle & Uri Kranot

For it’s oppressive mood, for the strong impression of its visuals and the tension that is built by the editing, the sound and the music.


ANY INSTANT WHATEVER / director Michelle Brand

To a very multidimensionnal film that deals with the texture of time and space using Art itself. The skillful and clever editing of the film that reveals one of its many dimensions with each viewing. And its powerful graphic style that intensifies the feeling of loneliness each of us can experience in our life.

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by all jury members)

HOLZ MARIA / director Dorotea Radušić

Because it shows you can take a tale from a specific region of the world and talk of a universal topic, because it shows that we can deal with our dilemna and our anger in an energic and punk way , because of its great sound design …

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Lucija Bužančić)

NIGHT SESSION / director Petre Tomadze

To a film that stood out for its design, animation and dark humour in a very unconventionnal way. And for turning us into voyeurs watching a brutal night routine from security of our own coccon.

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Žarko Ivanov)

NESTOR  / director Joao Gonzalez

How to deal with this anxiety ? This unwanted thoughts, these obessions and compulsions ? This film masterfully depicts the mental emprisonment and the struggle with one’s our demons. The sound design flawlessly complements the visual design and gives this film a distinctive profoundness.

SPECIAL MENTION (decision by jury member Alexis Hunot)

ENDUCATED  / director Hsin Yu Chen

For the way it expresses the difficulties of going over the education we received when we grow up, for the sensibility of the visuals, and it’s strong editing.


LOVER 4 NOW – GROOVE ARMADA / director Fons Schiedon


HEAT – PLSR  / director Andrew Royal


THE CLOSING DOORS – GLEN HANSARD / director Lucija Mrzljak


ONLY A CHILD / directors Giampaolo Simone


BUFDIR / director Julian Vargas



(decision by children jury members: Sofia Urem, Sana Gordana Višnjić, Marta Matea Višnjić, Tara Popović and Andrej Huljev)

A STONE IN THE SHOE / director Eric Montchaud